Things to do in San Jose | City of tourism

The city of San Jose is a chief technological hub in the surrounding area of California. The jurisdiction is jam-packed with loads of high -technology area like tremendous software houses and many development businesses. The Silicon Valley also comes in the surrounding area of San Jose, making this city the largest and most popular technological city in the surrounding areas.

Other than the technological advancement, the city also is the third largest most highly populated city in the California bay with great landmarks and residential affluence. Due to the thriving technology in this area, the city is given a pet name ‘Silicon Valley Capital’ amongst its fellow peers. The residence there is not a child’s play due to high rates in the real-estate and its rich history going back to the Spanish and Mexican heritage. It has also become an outstanding tourist hub due to a great many spots in the city attracting people’s attention. Some of the most popular places to visit while visiting the city are:

Places to visit in San Jose:

  • Winchester Mystery House
  • Tech Museum Of Innovation
  • Children’s Discovery Museum
  • Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
  • San Jose Heritage Rose Garden
  • Basilica Of St. Joseph
  • Alum Rock Park
  • Happy Hollow Zoo Entrance
  • The Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose’s Kelley Park
  • San Jose Flea Market
  • San Jose Museum of Art
  • San Jose History Park
  • San Jose McEnery Convention Center
  • Japantown – San Jose
  • Los Gatos Creek Trail
  • Museum of Quilts & Textiles
  • Santana Row
  • San Jose City Hall
  • Skyline Boulevard
  • Hayes Mansion
  • Shoreline Park
  • Portuguese Historical Museum San Jose
  • Guadalupe River Trail by bike
  • Villa Montalvo
  • Viet Museum

Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House is a very interesting place to visit due to its remarkable background and mysterious maze rooms. The house was the property of William Winchester who, before his death, gave the house to Sarah Winchester. With the great financial help and a lot of wealth, the widow turned the house into a mystery filled property for people to visit and enjoy its wonders. The house took almost 38-40 years to construct and continued even after Sara’s death. The house has a fascinating maze of rooms and cubicles that are fascinating due to their uniqueness.

Tech Museum of Innovation

The museum is a replica of Silicon Valley for all the techno freaks out there. It is a great place to visit with friends and family for recreational purposes. With new immerging technology as a display unit, a museum is a great place for school trips and family enjoyment.  A technology exhibition is a great place to inspire new generation for more innovative ideas and to improve the current state of the world

There are several more destinations to visit in this touristy city that makes San Jose a great place to stop and explore around. So whenever you’re on the hitchhike to travel around the world, do make a stop at this beautiful city to experience the true element of technology.